Peter Hatlie, PhD

Peter Hatlie, Ph.D.

Professor, Classics


Office: UD Rome Campus

Peter Hatlie is a specialist in Late-Antique, Medieval and Byzantine History. His degrees include a B.A. in Classics and Humanities from St. Olaf College (1983), an M.A. in Medieval History from Fordham University (1985) and a Ph.D. from Fordham University in Byzantine History (1992).  He has taught ancient Greek and history courses on UD’s Rome campus since 1999 and served in the roles of Academic Dean, Director, and Vice-President on the Rome Campus from 2005 through 2023. The recipient of several research grants, he is the author of numerous scholarly articles and book reviews, two short text editions, the monograph The Monks and Monasteries of Constantinople, 350-850 (Cambridge University Press, 2007), and two edited volumes about Rome, People and Places of the Roman Past: The Educated Traveller’s Guide (Arc Humanities-University of Amsterdam Press, 2019) and Ancient Bovillae: History, Art, and Archaeology of a Lost City in the Hinterland of Rome (University of Michigan Press, 2024, forthcoming). Hatlie was recently named a University of Dallas King Fellow (2023) and has twice received UD’s Haggerty Excellence in Teaching awards (2019 and 2024). Current projects include a monograph about monasticism in Byzantine Constantinople during the period 850-1200 AD, a popular guide to Byzantium’s sixth-century AD invasion and conquest of Gothic Italy by Belisarius, and advocacy for local cultural-heritage sites.