Christi Ivers, PhD

Christi Ivers, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Spanish, Lower-Division Coordinator of Spanish, Modern Languages

Phone: (972) 721-5229


Office: Anselm #105

Dr. Christi Ivers holds a Ph.D. in Spanish Literary and Cultural Studies from the University of Kansas. She joined the faculty of the University of Dallas in 2019.

As a professor of Spanish language and literature, Ivers teaches Spanish courses in the UD Core and advanced courses for Spanish majors and concentrators. Her favorite classroom moments are when students discover how learning Spanish helps them become more engaged, curious, and compassionate members of their communities. 

As a scholar of medieval and early modern Iberian literature and culture, Ivers is currently working on a book project that combines literary studies and book history to tell a story about printers. By approaching printed books as objects that are more than the sum of their parts, Ivers shows modern readers how they can read more like early modern printers did, attending to content, materiality, marketability, and use. This approach helps us gain insight into the lives and work of printers. Printers, while less often studied compared with authors, readers, and the texts themselves, made choices that influenced how books were crafted, read, and preserved (or not) into the present day.

  • Ph.D., Spanish Literary and Cultural Studies, University of Kansas
  • M.A., Spanish Literature, University of Kansas
  • B.A., English, Drake University
  • B.S., Secondary Education, Drake University
  • Assistant Professor of Spanish (2019-present)
  • Editor for Information Technology, La corónica: A Journal of Medieval Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (2021-present)
  • MSP 1301, First-Year Spanish I
  • MSP 1302, First-Year Spanish II
  • MSP 2311, Second-Year Spanish I
  • MSP 2312, Second-Year Spanish II
  • MSP 3317, Peninsular Spanish Literary Traditions
  • MSP 3323, Advanced Communication and Grammar
  • MSP 3324, Advanced Composition and Grammar
  • MSP 4314, Cervantes: Don Quixote
  • MSP 4347, Senior Thesis
  • HUM 6331, Great Works in the Renaissance and Baroque
  • medieval and early modern Iberian literary and devotional texts
  • book history
  • print culture
  • language acquisition and pedagogy
  • “La escritura de la memoria en la Vida de Santa Oria de Gonzalo de Berceo.” eHumanista, vol. 54, July 2023, pp. 247-62. Open Access.
  • “Latin Fragments and Catalan Verses: Printing Linguistic and Devotional Metonymy in La dolorosa passio del nostre redemptor Jesuchrist (Barcelona, 1518).” Romance Quarterly, vol. 69, no. 3, July 2022. doi:10.1080/08831157.2022.2057207
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  • “Printers and their Networks in Zaragoza, Burgos, and Barcelona.” 59th International Congress on Medieval Studies, 2024.
  • “Language Teaching and Human Dignity.” A Roundtable on Speech and Human Dignity, University of Dallas, 2023.
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  • “Locating Ibero-Medievalists in Current Research and Teaching: La corónica Commons’s ‘Bibliography of Race and Visibility in Medieval Iberia.’” Modern Language Association Annual Convention, 2021.
  • Haggerty Excellence in Teaching Award (2023)
  • Haggar Scholar Award in support of research and scholarship (2020, 2021, 2023)