Irene Alexander Ph.D.

Irene Alexander, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Theology

Phone: (972) 265-5860


Office: Braniff Graduate Building #226

Ph.D., Moral Theology, Ave Maria University

M.A., Theology, Ave Maria University
B.A., Philosophy and Theology, University of Scranton

Moral Theology and Bioethics

THE 1310 Understanding the Bible

THE 1311 Western Theological Traditions
THE 3341 Moral Theology
THE 4342 Christian Marriage
THE 6341 Fundamental Moral Theology
THE 6343 Catholic Social Thought
THE 6344 The Marital Covenant
THE 6345 Bioethical Issues

“The Error of Intentionalism” National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly, 17.3 (Autumn 2017): 399–408.

“The Restoration of the Imago Dei: St. Thomas Aquinas and Vatican II’s Universal Call to Holiness,” Josephinum Journal of Theology, forthcoming Spring 2018.

“Is Artificial Impregnation Opposed to the Unity of Marriage? A New Look at the Question of Embryo Adoption.” Nova et Vetera English Edition, Vol 16, No. 1 (2018): 47-80. 

“Does Periodic Continence Harm Spousal Love? Pope John Paul II’s Response to the Pastoral Difficulties of Living Out Humanae Vitae” The Linacre Quarterly (2018): 1-17. 

“Redefining Direct and Indirect through the Perspective of the Acting Person: A Misreading of Veritatis Splendor.”  The Linacre Quarterly (2019): 1-19. 

“Humility Before New Scientific Evidence: We No Longer Have Moral Certainty that Brain Death is True Death.” The Linacre Quarterly, September 2019: 1-13. 
 “Frozen Embryos, Unwanted Pregnancies, and Artificial Wombs. Which Options Are Morally Licit?” (Nova et Vetera (Fall 2021)

Magisterial Teaching on the Foundation for Sexual Ethics: A Reply to Melissa    Moschella” National Catholic Bioethics Quarterly, vol 21, (Spring 2021): 85-105.  

"What to Do When the Morally Right Thing to Do is Difficult: Academic Conference paper given at the annual Academy of Catholic Theology (ACT), May 2022. 

"Sexual Complementarity in the Theology of the Body" Theology on Tap Series sponsored by Mater Dei, October 2022. 

"How to Avoid Formal and Material Cooperation with Evil in the Practice of Law." Talk given at the Dallas Catholic Lawyers Society, January 2020.  

 "The Beauty of Love & Life," Pro-Life Talk for Adults and Young adults in Dallas as a part of a rally for the Pro-Life March, January 2020.

 "New Scientific Evidence Casts Doubt on the Neurological Criteria for the Diagnosis of Death,"  Keynote address to the Dallas chapter of the Catholic Medical Association on the fruit of my research on Brain Death, August 2020.