Admission Counselor Natalie Williams

Admission Counselor Natalie Williams

Natalie Williams

Admission Counselor

Hometown: North Richland Hills, Texas

Alma Mater: University of Dallas, 2022

Degree: B.A. French and Art History

Why I love UD/Why I Recruit for UD: I love the community UD has built around good books, good friends, and simple pleasures. After studying here for four years, I have fallen more in love with the school, its students, and its education. I am a better person for my time studying at the University of Dallas, and I wish to give back to my alma mater by building up that community of independent thinkers!

Favorite Spot on Campus: The Cappuccino Bar, more commonly known as the Cap Bar! It’s a great place to be busy and still catch up with friends. I highly recommend asking for a raspberry mocha or a hazelnut latte with rose – both are great iced or hot!

Where Do You Hang Out in Dallas?: I love exploring local coffee shops. Pax and Beneficia is a great local spot to find other UD students and alumni! I also love exploring the Pearl Arts district in Dallas where all the museums are.

Favorite Book: The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare, and Emma by Jane Austen

Favorite Place to Eat in DFW: Corner Bakery Cafe for breakfast, anywhere with good Italian for lunch and dinner

Favorite UD Event: Charity Week: a week long fair of crazy shenanigans and escaping Cistercians!

Favorite/Coolest Place I have Visited: Assisi and Schio in Italy, and Cologne in Germany

Advice to Prospective Students: Visit the schools you love the most, and visit them often. Figure out why you love them, and what draws you to them. What is it about this school that makes you say “this is my home?” Talk to some students and get their perspectives too; UD truly felt like home when I started making friends and getting to know the people. Think about what it is you love doing, what you love studying, and find how to best live out your passion.