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Documents and Forms

Financial Aid Forms

The federal government selects FAFSAs to be verified by the financial aid department. Our school may also select FAFSAs to be verified. During verification, a financial aid counselor must confirm that certain data elements on the FAFSA are correct before a student may receive any financial aid. In order to have payment arrangements made by the tuition due date, please turn in all requested verification items by the deadlines below:

  • Spring 2024 Priority Verification Deadline: December 15, 2023
    Spring 2024 Final Verification Deadline: March 15, 2024
  • Fall 2024 Priority Verification Deadline: June 1, 2024
    Fall 2024 Final Verification Deadline: October 15, 2024
  • Spring 2025 Priority Verification Deadline: December 15, 2024
    Spring 2025 Final Verification Deadline: March 15, 2025

Failure to submit documentation by the final verification deadline may result in loss of financial aid eligibility. Our office is not required to complete verification after the final deadline has passed. Students may appeal to the Director of Financial Aid for an extension to the deadline. 

Tax return information is required as part of the verification process. When sending tax information (returns or transcripts), the preferred method is to upload the documents by going to your BannerWEB portal, clicking on the “Financial Aid” box and then clicking on “Financial Aid Documents”; documents must be in pdf format. Otherwise, please mail, fax, or send through an encrypted or password protected email. The password should be sent in a separate email. Emails that are not password protected will not be accepted and the individual will be asked to send the tax information again through one of the acceptable methods. When faxing or emailing tax documentation to us, for your security, please block out all SSNs, leaving only the last 4 digits for identification purposes. If your 2024-2025 FAFSA is selected for verification, we must confirm 2022 income tax information reported on the FAFSA. Contact information for the Office of Financial Aid is listed on the instruction page of the verification form.

Link to BannerWeb. Log in and click on

  1. Financial Aid,
  2. Award Offer, and
  3. Submit your outside scholarships electronically on the Additional Payment Options section. 
  4. Click on "Add/View Resource" and fill out the form. 

Only for use if you are contacted by the Financial Aid Office. For students who need to provide proof of citizenship documentation but cannot come in person to provide it. Must be notarized by a US notary. 

Citizenship and Immigration Affidavit

If you are classified as a Texas resident, use the 2024/25 TASFA to apply for financial aid for the 24/25 academic year. To use this application, your classification as a Texas resident must not be due to a waiver, such as an in-state scholarship or an assistantship.

2024/25 TASFA (English)

2024/25 TASFA (Spanish)

If you are applying for the spring 2024 semester, use one of these applications:

2023/24 TASFA (English)

2023/24 TASFA (Spanish)