Apply for Financial Aid


To be eligible for federal financial aid, you must be either a US citizen or permanent resident.  You cannot be in default on any student loans or have borrowed the aggregate (lifetime) maximum in the federal student loan program ($138,500 between subsidized and unsubsidized loans, including both undergraduate- and graduate-level loans). 

Please wait until you have been admitted to the University of Dallas to submit your financial aid documentation (e.g. FAFSA).  You cannot be awarded until you are admitted to a degree-seeking program.  The University of Dallas does not require the CSS Profile.

Per federal regulations, the Federal Direct Subsidized loan can no longer be issued to graduate students after July 1st, 2012.

Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at:

You must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) annually when you wish to apply for aid. Federal student aid for a graduate student consists primarily of the Federal Unsubsidized Loan.

The 2024/25 FAFSA opened December 31, 2023. Because of changes to the FAFSA due to the FAFSA Simplification Act, there are delays in FAFSA processing by the Department of Education. There is addtional information available here, but please note the University of Dallas will not receive the results of the 2024/25 FAFSA prior to April 2024. 

The school code for UD is 003651.

We will review all submitted information.

New and returning graduate students who are offered Federal Student Aid (namely the Direct Unsubsidized Loan) will receive a financial aid notification through email to their UD email address.  Students who do not appear to be eligible based on the submission of the FAFSA, or information therein, will be contacted by a Financial Aid Counselor with additional information or requirements. 

All students will view, accept, and/or decline financial aid on BannerWeb
Direct link to BannerWeb:

Accepting the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan

If you accept your Federal Direct Loan and you are a new borrower at UD, you will be required to complete a Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Direct Loan Entrance Counseling at  Failure to do so will keep your loan from disbursing to your account, and ultimately in the cancellation of your loan.  

Review the following statements and contact us with any questions

Regarding enrollment:

I must be enrolled in a degree-seeking program in order to receive financial aid.
I am not eligible for financial aid if I am enrolled less than half-time (4.5 credits), or enrolled in classes that do not count towards my degree.
Dropping hours during the refund period or withdrawing from the University will affect my financial aid.
Receiving aid from other sources may require an adjustment to my financial aid award package.
Not meeting the satisfactory academic progress standards as defined by the University will affect my financial aid.

Regarding withdrawal:

If I withdraw from all classes, it is my responsibility to contact the Financial Aid Office.
If a tendency to withdraw occurs, the Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to modify my financial aid, and loans may be awarded only up to tuition.
Students receiving federal, state, and/or institutional financial aid that withdraw from the University through the 60% period of the semester are subject to a return of funds calculation, which may cause me to owe money to the University.
A copy of the Return of Funds Policy is available from the Office of Financial Aid. It is my responsibility to read through the policy.