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Classical Education Graduate Program

The University of Dallas Classical Education Graduate Program fosters inquiry, cultivates virtue, and instills wisdom.

By providing foundations in classical principles and pedagogy, the Classical Education Graduate Program aspires to form educators as master teachers. Students in the program explore the historical, philosophic, literary, aesthetic, rhetorical, and scientific roots of the liberal arts in the Western tradition. With a dedicated faculty and staff drawing on extensive experience in the academy and the classical classroom, and assisted by UD's world-class undergraduate faculty, the Classical Education Graduate Program combines the ethos of the University's core curriculum tradition with a concentration on the theory and practice of classical education, bringing these to working and aspiring classical school teachers, school administrators, and others both locally and around the country.

Gain the wisdom to pass on the knowledge of the classical tradition, whether you are a teacher, seek to become a headmaster, or desire to pursue advanced graduate studies while expanding your teaching skills. To meet the needs of busy teachers and administrators, our courses—including offerings such as "Philosophy of Education," "Trivium,"  "Quadrivium," "Classical Pedagogy," and "History of Liberal Arts Education"—are offered online during the academic year and online and onsite during the summer months.

More Information on the Program:

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Three Program Tracks

Our program includes three tracks. The Master of Arts in Humanities with Classical Education Concentration is a 36-hour program which includes 15 credits of required courses, 6 credit hours of thesis, and 15 hours of electives, including an optional practicum component. This degree requires demonstrated proficiency in a foreign language. The Master of Humanities with Classical Education Concentration does not include the thesis or language requirement; instead, students take six additional credit hours of electives. Finally, the Certificate of Classical Learning is 18 credit hours, 9 of them required. Read more about the degree requirements

A Regular Cycle of Course Offerings

While you can complete the program at your own pace, we offer all required courses on a two-year cycle: Philosophy of Education, Trivium, Quadrivium, Classical Pedagogy Ancient & Modern, and one of four Great Works courses. See, in addition to these, descriptions of other regular elective course offerings. You can also see a spreadsheet with current course offerings and information on past course offerings, here.

More than a Graduate Program

In addition to the graduate program, the Classical Education team is engaged in several other endeavors, including a K-12 curriculum project, professional development, and more. Subscribe to our newsletter to hear more about these projects, see updates about the program, profiles of students, and announcements and regular postings of opportunities, jobs, and events in the world of classical and liberal education. 

Designed for the Working Classical School Teacher:

With courses offered online during the school year and in-person during the summer, working teachers can earn their master's degree or classical teaching certificate without uprooting their lives or leaving off the important work they're doing in their communities.

Click here to read profiles of some of our students.

Professional Advancement & Apprenticeship: 

The Classical Education Graduate Program provides teachers from various backgrounds and institutions an opportunity to reflect together on the beauty and splendor of the Western Tradition. The University of Dallas has lifted up a rallying banner for teachers everywhere.

– Philip Althage, Headmaster, Great Hearts Irving

Our classical education programs include a flexible and optional practicum component. Under the direction of a member of our faculty and working with a mentor teacher at the teacher's own school, a local classical school, or homeschooling coop, classical education students design and implement a custom project putting the principles learned in the classroom into practice. In addition to this apprenticeship, classical education students benefit from connection to our professional network of classical schools, school networks, and leaders in classical education.

Recognized for Teaching Excellence: 

Over the past fifty years, the faculty of University of Dallas have inspired generations of teachers through their passion and profound knowledge of the classical tradition. With rigorous liberal arts programs at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels, UD’s faculty are among the most accomplished and experienced classical educators in the country. Meet the classical education faculty.

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