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Mark Goodwin, Ph.D.

Dr. Mark Goodwin received his doctoral degree from Yale University and has taught in the Theology Department at the University of Dallas since 1993.  Dr. Goodwin's interests in scripture are wide-ranging, but are focused on the New Testament and its first century Jewish environment.  He taught for three years on the Rome Campus, and has served as Chair of the Department of Theology, Interim Dean of the School of Ministry, and the Faculty Senate.  Dr. Goodwin organized the outstanding Nostra Aetate event in 2015-16.   


Ph.D., Yale University
M.A., Philosophy, Yale University
M.A., Religion, Yale University
B.A., John Hopkins University 

Recent Courses

THE 1310 Understanding the Bible
THE 1312 Elementary Biblical Hebrew
THE 2311 Western Theological Tradition
THE 2313 Intermediate Biblical Hebrew I
THE 3320 Principals of Catholic Biblical Interpretation
THE 3321 Pentateuch
THE 3322 Old Testament Prophets
THE 3323 Wisdom and Psalms
THE 3324/6324 Synoptic Gospels
THE 3325 Fourth Gospel
THE 3V57 Intrn/Catholic Catechesis
THE 4V57 Biblical Hermeneutics
THE 4321 Apocalyptic Literature
THE 4363 Judaism I
THE 4364 Judaism II
THE 6323 Wisdom and Psalms
THE 6325 Johannine Literature
THE 6326 Paul and Acts
CLG 3324 Biblical Greek Readings
IPS 8316 The Bible
RPS 6322 New Testament

Research Interests

New Testament and first century Jewish environment

Selected Publications


"Hosea and 'The Son of the Living God' in Matthew 16:16b," Catholic Biblical Quarterly, 67 (2005):  265-283.

"Response to David Rensberger: Anti-Judaism and John's Gospel" in Anti-Judaism and the Gospels, William Farmer, Ed., Harrisburg:  Trinity Press International (1999): 158-171.

"Commentary on Titus" in The International Bible Commentary.  Edited by William R. Farmer.  Collegeville, MN:  The Liturgical Press (1998): 175-258.

"The Pauline Background of the Living God as Interpretive Context for 1 Timothy 4:10." Journal for the Study of the New Testament. 61 (1996):  65-85.


Paul and Participation in Christ:  The Patristic Witness
Lanhany, MD:  Lexington Books/Fortress Academic 2020.

Paul, Apostle of the Living God:  Kerygma and Conversion in 2 Corinthians
Harrisburg, PA:  Trinity Press International, 2001.