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Celebration of Faculty Achievements

Celebration of Faculty Achievments

The University of Dallas CTL would light to highlight and celebrate the scholarly achievements of our faculty. If you have news of an award, honor, newly published book or article, or any other academic achievement that you would like to have recognized, please email Dr. David Upham at and Ms. Zannah Buck

Fall 2023 Faculty Highlights

Nothing here yet! If you would like to be recognized or know a colleague who would like to be recognized, please contact the coordinators listed above.

Fall 2022 Faculty Highlights

Néfer Muñoz-Solano

Néfer, a faculty member of the Modern Languages Department, has been awarded a Senior Research Fellowship from CALAS (Maria Sibylla Merian Center for Advanced Latin American Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences). This is a competitive grant awarded to scholars recognized in their fields that are pioneering new ways of thinking about contemporary problems. This grant will help fund Néfer's year-long research for a proposed 2023-2024 sabbatical in Costa Rica. Congratulations, Néfer!

Bernadette Waterman Ward

Dr. Bernadette Waterman Ward published a new book in June 2022: Eliot's Angels: George Eliot, René Girard, and Mimetic Desire (University of Notre Dame Press, 2022). More information can be found at this website: https://undpress.nd. edu/9780268202644/eliots- angels/. See below for the book launch details. Congratulations, Bernadette!

Fall 2022 Book Launches

October 3, 2022: CTL is delighted to host our first Book Launch in honor of Dr. Bernadette Waterman Ward and her recent publication of Eliot's Angels: George Eliot, René Girard, and Mimetic Desire (University of Notre Dame Press, 2022). The celebration will be held in the Catholic Foundations Boardroom at 3 pm on October 3rd. Please join us in congratulating our colleague!

If you are publishing a book this semester, please email Dr. Mark Petersen at The CTL would like to host a book launch for all faculty this semester, so please let us know about your work!