New Student Forms

New Student Forms

Fall 2024 New Student Forms

After confirming** enrollment with the Admissions Office, all incoming freshmen and transfer undergraduate students must complete the following forms for the Office of Student Life and the Student Health Services Center. Some forms pertain to the basic necessities of life, while other forms assist with a smoother transition to college life. This requested information is non-academic. All academic questions should be directed to the Dean of Constantin College.

(**You are defined as a 'confirmed' student when you have submitted the required $400 enrollment deposit and 'Enrollment Decision Form' online through your Application Status Page on the UD portal. Please do not complete any of the forms below unless you fall into this category.)

Please keep in mind that completion of these forms is time-sensitive and will affect your residential and academic status. You may want to review them with a parent. 

The 5 page HEALTH FORM is required of ALL new incoming undergraduates, including seminarians.  The submission deadline is July 1st.

Late applicants: Be advised that you will be unable to move on campus, participate in orientation nor receive a class schedule unless the health form submission is approved for clearance by the Student Health Services Center BEFORE August 2nd.

Due to signature requirements, the Health Form is in PDF format which may be downloaded to print from the link above.  DO NOT DELAY.  This 5 page form typically takes the most time to complete as it requires a visit to the doctor's office; you will need to take ALL 5 PAGES to your appointment. Please note the State of Texas requirement of a meningitis vaccine for ALL NEW INCOMING STUDENTS under the age of 22 as well as other state required vaccines listed on the Immunization Record page of this form.  See the Immunization Record page for critical information regarding vaccine exemption requests from the state of Texas.  Other pages require medical history information, etc.

Schedule your doctor's appointment soon so that you may return the form in a timely manner. Upon confirmation of enrollment to UD, a medical hold is placed on the account of ALL new incoming students. Failure to clear the MEDICAL HOLD will prevent you from moving on campus, receiving your class schedule and participating in orientation. 

It is strongly recommended that you keep a completed copy for your personal records in the possible event that your mailing is not received.  Upon completion of the entire form, please mail to:

University of Dallas
Student Health Services Center
1845 E. Northgate Drive
Irving, TX 75062

The completed form may also be securely faxed to 972-721-5124.  If you fax the form, be prepared for a request for the original if the fax is not legible.  Another option is to scan the pages and email to as attachments.  The SHSC phone number is 972-721-5322.

You are welcome to call the Student Health Services Center at the number above should you have any questions about immunization requirements or other items contained in the UD Health Form.

All new and continuing full-time undergraduates (except domestic seminarians) are automatically enrolled in and charged for the student insurance program. The annual process starts in May and runs until a deadline in September.  Newly enrolled spring students have a February deadline for completion.  However, the health insurance cost may be waived upon proper submission of an online waiver directly with the insurance company broker.  September 16, 2024 is the annual deadline date for online waiver submissions for the 2024-2025 academic year.   This is a process that must be completed each academic year and normally occurs during the summer in preparation for the upcoming academic year.  

Click HERE for the UD page on the Academic Health Plans web site.  In the menu bar at the top right is a link to 'Benefits' where coverage details are available. 

Click HERE for the UD page with details towards the bottom on how to log in to the insurance waiver system, once available for students about May 1st and soon after your new UD email address and network login information has been issued to you.  If you cannot log in, contact the Office of Student Life.

The direct link to the actual online waiver form will be provided on the 'waiver' tab on the above web page once available.  Have your student ID number and insurance card in front of you before you begin the online waiver.  It is also strongly recommended that you also upload a copy of both the front and back of your insurance card (or a recently dated letter of coverage) while you are inside the waiver form.  Waiver status updates will be ONLY sent to the UD email address of the student from Academic Health Plans.  However, other email addresses added to the waiver at the time of submission will also receive a copy.

Please note that out-of-state Medicaid plans will not be accepted to waive the UD policy.

Absence of a verified waiver form by the September 16, 2024 deadline date implies your acceptance of the program and the related charge.  No exceptions to this deadline are possible.

Due to the Mandatory Residency Requirement all new students (except seminarians) MUST complete EITHER a Housing Application/Contract -OR- a Commuter Application if you qualify to do so (see above linked web page) by no later than July 1st.  

You will later be notified with the necessary details to log into our new online housing/roommate matching program, eRezLife.  This is where you will submit your annual housing contract to live on campus OR submit a commuter application if living locally with parents or you are over the age of 21.  All local commuters are also required to submit a completed and signed Off Campus Living Agreement Form as indicated and linked from the online commuter application.

Upon confirmation, all new students (except seminarians) are automatically billed standard room and board charges. These charges will be reversed upon receipt of a valid Commuter Application.

Room assignments will not be final until:

    • Completion of Housing Application/Contract before July 1st.
    • Receipt by the Student Health Services Center by January 1st of the completed Health Form  (see section above).
    • Release of any account holds by the Business Office, Registrar, etc. 

Be advised that any campus resident who breaks their housing contract at any point during the academic year while still enrolled and after previously moving on campus will be charged a $500 Contract Breakage Fee.  See published 'Terms and Conditions' of the housing contract for additional details.

Click HERE to view YouTube video of a typical new student residence hall room.

Click HERE for Dining Services information for the 2024-2025 academic year.  Students with special dietary needs may contact Dining Services directly from the same web page.  The All Access 7 Plus meal plan is the default plan for all new student residents.  This plan may be upgraded, but not downgraded to a lower meal plan reserved for upperclassmen.

Please note that email is our primary means of communication with students so it is YOUR responsibility to check your messages periodically.  All official emails will be sent via your new UD email address once issued to you by Admissions.

Helpful Information

The 2024-2025 Student Life Calendar is available with updated critical deadlines, hall opening/closing dates and food service dates for campus residents.

After confirmation of enrollment at the University of Dallas, students with disabilities intending to live on campus must contact the Office of Student Life as early as possible if special accommodations are necessary.  Direct follow up with an official request is required with the Student Disability Services Office.