Jamie Gardner - Art Thesis Exhibitions 2020 - Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery - University          of Dallas

Jamie Gardner - Art Thesis Exhibitions 2020 - Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery - University of Dallas


Jamie Gardner, Master of Fine Arts in Art Thesis Exhibition

Welcome to Jamie Gardner's online showcase.

Artist Statement 

My recent paintings explore what it takes to be a human in this tumultuous but abundant world. The theme of emotional, spiritual, and psychological transformation persists in my body of work in various ways, from technical approaches to specific repeated imagery. Through a literal and symbolic layering in my paintings, I hope to normalize the idea of delving into the darker, more challenging aspects of ourselves in order to heal, grow, and embody who we are really meant to be. Making these paintings is a way for me to reflect on my life, look more closely at who I am and what I believe in, and face what I subconsciously avoid in myself. My hope is that anybody can relate to this process and consider what it could mean for them.

As an artist working with the medium of paint, successfully navigating its history and utilizing its various techniques is integral to my goal to engage the viewer through beautiful but challenging imagery. Although some of my work consists of abstracted elements, the majority of my paintings are figural so as to best capture the theme of human transformation. The most prominent and recurring figures in my paintings are the horse and the human. I choose to paint the horse not only for its aesthetic qualities but also for its complex and varied nature, from its connection to human history to its behavior and biology. The horse provides us as humans a lens through which to see and connect with the world, each other, and ourselves in the truest sense. Along with other animals and flora, the horse and the human become recognizable symbols in my paintings, guiding the viewer through my body of work. My hope is that the viewer is able to move through my work and experience it as a metaphor for their own personal growth.

About the Artist

Jamie Gardner grew up in Duncanville, Texas and received her Bachelor of Arts from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas in 2013. Gardner has been in numerous regional group shows including  New Texas Talent XXII , at Craighead Green Gallery, Dallas,  Hot and Sweaty 4: The Open Show , at 500X Gallery, Dallas and  Cliché, Sly Cat Gallery, Cedar Hill. While at the University of Dallas, was the graduate assistant for art history and worked with professor Catherine Caesar. Gardner also assisted the Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery on the installation of many exhibitions. In 2018, she earned her Master of Arts in Art from the University of Dallas and has just completed her Master of Fine Arts in Art with a focus in Painting. Jamie plans to have her exhibition Answer: Me: This at MCL Grand Theater Gallery in Lewisville this coming November, 2020. For more on Jamie's work v isit her website or find her work on instagram


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 Blossoms of a Neurotic Nostalgia


oil on canvas, 54" x 60"  


 new growth












New Growth


oil, acrylic, and charcoal on canvas, 54" x 45"

















Awakened Ascension


oil and acrylic on canvas, 84" x 60"







  Earth Cleansing


oil on canvas, 30” x 66”













 Balance on the Brink


oil and charcoal on canvas, 54" x 36"


For all the images in the exhibition Answer: Me: This:  visit here