Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation

Steps to be taken in the Event of a Workplace Injury/Illness

Step 1 - Seek treatment for the Injured Employee. 

Determine if the injury is an emergency that requires an ambulance or if it is a non-emergency, not life threatening injury.

There’s an injury on campus and it is an emergency:

  • Call 911 and request that an ambulance is sent for the employee.  Provide the operator with as much detail as possible.  Call UDPD at (972) 265-5911 (or ext 5911) to notify our police department of an emergency on campus.  Provide First Aid, if applicable.  Stay with the employee until first responders have arrived.  Be prepared to give the employee’s name and other information if the employee is incapacitated. 

There’s an injury on campus, it is during work hours, and it is not life threatening:

  • Provide First Aid, if necessary.  Ask the employee if they’d like to seek treatment.  If yes, instruct the employee to visit the nearest occupational clinic.  If the employee is on campus, they may visit Concentra (5910 N Macarthur Blvd Ste 133, Irving, TX 75039). You can also search for a provider near the employee through TheZenith Provider Network.

There’s an injury on campus and it is after hours (after 5pm or on the weekend):

  •         If the nearest occupation clinic is closed, the employee can visit the nearest emergency room (hospital).   You may also search for a provider near the employee through the TheZenith Provider Network

*Please note: The Student Health Clinic cannot be used for workers' compensation injuries as it is not an occupational clinic in TheZenith WC Provider Network.  All employees injured at work (including student workers) should be treated by an authorized WC provider.                   

Step 2 -  Report the injury to Human Resources.

Employees: Notify your supervisor immediately that you have experienced an injury.  Your supervisor will report the injury to Human Resources.  

Supervisors: Contact Jill Tilden, Benefit Specialist, at (972) 721-5255 or email or  

If the injured employee seeks treatment from Concentra or another occupational clinic, HR may need to forward an Authorization for Examination or Treatment form or contact the clinic to give verbal authorization.  HR requires the following information to report the claim to TheZenith, UD’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier:  the employee’s name, employee number, date and time of injury, nature of injury and body part exposed (what part of the employee’s body part is hurt), a description of how the injury/illness occurred, the supervisor’s name and supervisor’s contact information.  Injuries must be reported within 24 hours to Human Resources for mandated reporting.  It is also important to report injuries for the employee's claims to be processed timely by TheZenith.   The employee and/or the employee's supervisor may be contacted if further information is needed.

Zenith Insurance Company
P.O. Box 1558
Sarasota, FL 34230-1558
Policy No. M1306301

TheZenith has their own WC Provider Network for employees to utilize if they are injured in the course of their employment.  Please see Employer Notice of Network Requirements for more information.

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) Program

The University of Dallas utilizes the ZOLL AED Plus. AEDs are permanently located in the University of Dallas Police Office in Haggar, and on the wall outside the public restrooms in the Church of the Incarnation. An AED is kept in the CSO patrol car at all times. In addition, the Athletics Department has two AED units that are designated to be on site at all athletic events.

For more information on the UD AED Program, please visit University of Dallas Police's website.

Worker's Compensation

Worker's Compensation Insurance will compensate employees unable to work or employees put on restricted work duty as a direct result of illness or injury incurred while performing job related duties and will cover medical expenses due to job-related illness or injury. The insurance also provides a death benefit if an employee dies as a result of performing job-related responsibilities.
Employees will not be covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance if the injury, illness or accident is not reported properly within 30 days. In addition, employees may not be covered if the injury, illness or death is the result of:
  • Employee intoxication on the job.
  • Employee engaged in horseplay when the injury is sustained.
  • Employee sustained the injury while participating in an off-duty, voluntary activity, even if the University sponsors the event.

Return to Work

The University believes that it is in the best interest of both the University and the injured employee to return to work as early as possible. The University will provide light-duty assignments for a temporary and reasonable period of time. In most circumstances, employees released to return to work will return to their former position. In circumstances where business necessity does not permit a vacancy for the period of time required by an employee to recuperate from a job-related illness or injury, the position may be filled. When the injured employee is released to return to work, he/she will be welcome to apply for any position that is open and compatible with his/her skills and qualifications.
Employees should report unsafe conditions in their departments to supervisors and/or the University of Dallas Police Department. They may also report unsafe conditions to the Texas Workers Compensation Commission by calling 1-800-452-9595. To speak with a TWCC spokesperson, employees may call 1-800-252-7031.
Records of Workers Compensation claims will be maintained for five years from the date of original injury, illness or death.