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Academic Calendar

Registrar Academic Calendar 

For Undergraduate, Braniff Graduate School, and Ann & Joe O. Neuhoff School of Ministry

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Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Calendar

May 19 -June 5: Mayterm begins for undergraduates, Braniff, & SOM. (Online Only)

June 8 -July 10: Summer I begins for undergraduates, Braniff, & SOM. (Online Only)

July 3 - July 6: Independence Day Observed; university closed.

July 13 - August 14: Summer II begins for undergraduates, Braniff, & SOM. (Online Only)

August 21: August conferral of degree date for all programs. No ceremony.

Fall 2020

August 3:  Online registration and verification opens for continuing students.

August 12:  Faculty Day. Opening of academic year for faculty. Grades for removal of incompletes for  Braniff Graduate Students from spring and summer semesters due in Registrar's Office. Grad COB Fall new student orientation.

TBD:  Residence Halls open for new students and continuing students.

August 14-18:  New student orientation and registration.

August 17 - August 20:  ADD/DROP period for undergraduates, Braniff, & SOM graduate students.

August 19:  Fall classes begin for undergraduates, Braniff, & SOM.

August 24: GCOB Fall Trimester Begins

August 18:  Mass of the Holy Spirit - 5:00PM

August 21:  August conferral of degree date for all programs. No ceremony.  

August 25:  Online registration closes at 11:59pm.  .

August 28:  Add/Drop Deadline. Must be completed by the Registrar's Office and the ADD/DROP Form must have signature of Department Chair and Course Instructor.

August 31: Rome Online Classes Begin

September 2:  Last day to file "Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information." See Registrar's  Office for details. Last day to verify Fall classes by removing from schedule in Banner VVV-V000-7VE .

September 7:  Labor Day. Classes will be held for undergraduates, Braniff & SOM.

September 12: Rome students depart.

September 14:  Information for spring schedule due from Departments to Registrar.

September 16:  Incomplete grades for undergraduates from Spring and Summer semesters due
(excluding students with earlier deadlines under Academic Discipline policies).

September 22:  Last day to change course registration from credit to audit.

September 24 : Deadline for filing application for graduation in December (undergraduates, Braniff, & SOM).

October 2:  Fall Reading Day. No classes for undergraduates, Braniff, and School of Ministry. 

October 5 - October 9:  Mid-semester period.

October 8 - October 10: Ministry Conference

October 12:  Mid-semester grades due.

October 18- October 24:  Charity Week.

October 30:  Last day to withdrawal from classes for undergraduates, Braniff, & SOM.

TBD:  Advising and online early registration for Spring 2020 and Fall Interterm for continuing undergraduates, Braniff, & SOM.

October 31:  Fall Odyssey Day I.

November 7: Fall Fest

November 14:  Fall Odyssey Day II

November 18: All Campus Thanksgiving Dinner

November 19: Last day of instruction in the main Fall session for undergraduates, Braniff, & SOM.

November 21:  Final examinations begin

November 24:  GCOB Fall Trimester Ends

November 25:  Final examinations end; official close of the semester; Christmas recess begins at close of  last examination period. 

November 30 - December 19: Interterm for session for undergraduates, Braniff, & SOM, December Term session for GCOB. No campus housing is available this year for Interterm.

December 5:  Commencement ceremony (tentative)

December 10:  Rome Students Return

December 21: Fall Interterm grades due to the Registrar.

December 31:  December conferral of degree date for undergraduates, Braniff, & SOM.  No ceremony. 

Spring 2021

January 5 - January 29:  Registration and verification for Spring classes.  ADD/DROP for continuing students.

January 11: New and transfer student registration.

January 15:  Grades due for removal of Incompletes for Braniff Liberal Arts Fall 2020.

January 18:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No Classes.  University offices closed.

January 19:  Non degree seeking students registration.

January 19:  First day to change a course to audit.

January 20:  Spring classes begin for undergraduates, Braniff, & SOM.

January 27:  Add/drop forms require instructor and department chair signatures/permissions.

January 29: Last day to add/drop a course.

January 28 - January 30: Groundhog Weekend .

February 3:  Final day to verify Spring class registration.

February 12:  Fall 2020 Incomplete grade removals are due.

February 15:  May 2021 graduation applications are due (UG, Braniff, & SOM).

February 20:  Scholars of Excellence Day

February 23 - February 24:  Students graduating in May 2021 verify at Registrar's Office.

February 23: Last day to change course registration from credit to audit.

March 5: Spring Reading Day

March 8 - March 12:  Spring mid-terms exams.

March 15: - Mid-term grades are due.

March 18 - March 19:  Spring Break for undergraduates, Braniff, & SOM.

March 27:  Meet Us at the Tower I.

April 6:  Last day to withdraw from classes. 

April 1 - April 5 : Easter Recess. University Offices Closed April 2 - April 5 . 

April 12 - May 14:  Advising for Fall, May term and Summer  2021 Pre-Registration for continuing undergraduates, Braniff & SOM.

April 17:  Meet us at the Tower II. 

May 4:  Convocation. Spring classes end for undergraduates, Braniff & SOM. 

May 5:  No classes, no exams.

May 6 - May 10:  Final Exams Begin.

May 11:  Final grades must be turned into Registrar by noon for May graduates.

May 15: Baccalaureate Mass

May 16:  Commencement.

May 19:  All remaining Spring grades due in Registrar's office by noon. 


Sisters Serving UD: Sister Mary Angelica: A Thousandfold Back

It is no surprise that the University of Dallas, chartered by religious women, has had over 50 alumnae who have said “yes” to the call to religious life. In 1952, The Superior of the Western Province of the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur, Mother Theresa Weber, declared, "We need a Catholic co-educational college in this area!" On May 25, 1955, the Sisters officially received the charter for the University of Dallas. UD's first trustees were all religious women: Mother Theresa Weber, Sister Mildred Manning, Sister Mary Frances Connaughton, Sister Mary Byron, Sister Myrtl Owens and Sister Elizabeth Johnston.

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