Graduation Information

Braniff students may graduate during the Spring (May), Summer (August 31), and Fall (December 31) semesters.  The May graduation date varies from year to year but is mid-month and is based on the scheduled commencement ceremony date. There is no commencement ceremony in August and December, but those graduates are invited to participate in the following May ceremony. 

A Degree Application Form is required for graduation. The completed form should be approved and signed by your graduate director and then submitted to the Braniff Graduate Office. When seeking your graduate director's approval, you should include your unofficial transcript, which you can access on Banner Web. Additionally, you must be enrolled in a course during the term in which you wish to graduate. If you have already completed all coursework, you will need to enroll in Graduate Readings or Doctoral Readings using our Registration Form. A $100 fee will be added to your student account and is due by graduation. 

All requirements must be completed in a timely manner before the last day of finals. This includes all required coursework, language requirements, comprehensive exams, theses, and dissertations. Note that some requirements may be due earlier in order to give the instructor adequate time for grading. Additionally, students' final transcripts cannot list a course with an "I" (incomplete) for the grade. Students are also required to have at least a 3.0 GPA. Courses that received a grade lower than C will not count towards credit hours or degree requirements, but count towards the GPA. Language courses must be completed with a minimum grade of B to count towards degree requirements.  

Graduation Deadlines

The deadline to submit the Degree Application Form is generally within the first 4 weeks of the semester. If you are unable to graduate during the chosen term, you will need to submit a new Degree Application form during the term that you will be graduating in. Deadlines to submit the Degree Application form are listed below. 

  • Spring 2024: February 16 (May grads)
  • Summer 2024: June 22 (August grads)

In addition to the deadline for submitting a Degree Application form, students also must complete all work, including theses and dissertations, by a specific date. The deadlines for completing work are listed below.

  • Spring 2024: May 3


Master's regalia will need to be purchased online at Master's students will need to purchase a cap, gown and tassel. The hood will be provided by UD and distributed upon checking in at the commencement ceremony. 

Doctoral regalia can be borrowed from the provost's office. Please contact Benjamin Gibbs at in order to schedule a time to be fitted. Alternatively, doctoral students can also purchase regalia online at

Further Questions

For any questions regarding the ceremony or the status of your degree application, please contact the registrar's office (