General Information for New Braniff Students

General Information for New Braniff Students

Welcome to the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts at the University of Dallas! Here you can find general information that will help prepare you for your graduate journey.  

When is Orientation?

Orientation is held anually prior to the start of the Fall semester. The Braniff office will send out a save the date email to all incoming students in July and will follow this up with a more detailed email early in August. Orientation information will also be posted here when the date and location have been established. 

Fall 2023 Orientation:  3:00pm on August 21, in the Catholic Foundation Boardroom (219) in Cardinal Farrel Hall. 

Where is the ...?

Please consult the Campus Map for building locations.

Campus Map 

Campus Map

The Bookstore and the Police Office are both located on the south-east end of the first floor of the Haggar building (#4 on the map).

The Title IX office is located in office 253 in the southern hallway on the first floor of the Haggar building (#4 on the map).

The Braniff Graduate Office is located in the west hallway of the first floor of the Braniff building (#9 on the map).  

The Library is located on the east end of the first floor of the Braniff building (#9 on the map).

How do I register for classes?

 Visit our Registration Page for a handy guide on registering for classes.

How do I login to BannerWeb?

Banner Web Login Instructions:

  • Go to  Place the cursor over "Menu" in the upper right corner and select "My UD." Scroll down and select “Banner Web-Student” to be taken to the log in page. Or, click HERE.
  • Enter your username, which is the first part of your student email address before "@." Your password is the same one used to sign into any computer on campus. If you have not logged into a computer on campus or have not changed your password, it will be your student ID number. 
  • If you don’t remember your password, email to begin the recovery process.
  • Students can change their password through the online Microsoft portal ( -> account -> change password) or by emailing
  • The IT Department also has a Student Reference Guide designed to answer some frequently asked questions. 

How do I login to Brightspace?

 Students will receive an email containing directions on Brightspace from IT. This email is often sent at the beginning of the week that courses start. If you have any questions regarding Brightspace, please check this page for assistance.

What is considered Full-Time in graduate school? 

Students are granted Full-Time status at 9 credit hours (typically three courses). In order to receive finanical assistance, students must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours. 

How do I get a Student ID Card?

 You can attain a Student ID card from the University of Dallas Police Department, located on the first floor of Haggar. You will need to present a Driver's License or Passport. The front desk will also ask you to pull up your course schedule on the nearby kiosk to show proof of enrollment, so you will need to have your BannerWeb login information handy. 

How do I get a Parking Permit? 

 A parking permit is required for parking at the University of Dallas. Parking permits are purchased online and then picked up at the University of Dallas Police Department. You can also purchase your parking permit through the Kiosk at the Police Department. You will need to provide information about your vehicle, including the license plate number, and your student ID. Additional information can be found here

Where can I print?

 Students can print either at the library or in the computer lab located at the back of Gorman. 

What is the Braniff Graduate Student Association?

You can find information about the BGSA here.