Daniel Burns Ph.D.

Daniel Burns, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Politics

Phone: (972) 721-5278

Email: dburns@udallas.edu

Office: Braniff #208

Ph.D. Political Science, Boston College, 2017
B.A. Political Science, Williams College, 2006

Associate Professor, University of Dallas 2018-present
Interim Associate Dean, Constantin College of Liberal Arts, Dallas, 2020-2021
Research Associate, Catholic University of America, 2018-2019
Assistant Professor, University of Dallas 2012-2018
Postdoctoral Fellow, Thomas Jefferson Center for Core Texts and Ideas, University of Texas, 2014–15

POL 1311 Principles of American Politics 
POL 3325 American Foreign Policy
POL 3332/5304 Aristotle’s Politics
POL 3334/5306 Enlightenment and Liberal Democracy
POL 3342 Politics and the Family 
POL 5308 Resistance & Revolution
POL 6377 Cicero
POL 6387 Locke  
POL 6388 Rousseau  
POL 7371 Xenophon
POL 7374 Plato's Laws
IPS 8326 Augustine & Aquinas
IPS 8342 Hobbes and Rousseau  

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