Johnathan Culp Ph.D.

Jonathan Culp, Ph.D.

Department Chair, Director of International Studies & Associate Professor, Politics

Phone: (972) 265-5739


Office: Braniff #216

Ph.D., Political Science, Boston College
B.A., Liberal Arts, St. John’s College , Annapolis

Associate Professor, University of Dallas, 2015- present

Assistant Professor, University of Dallas, 2008 to 2014
Instructor, Boston College, Fall 2006
Instructor, Boston College, Summer 2004 (Portugal)

POL 1311 Principles of American Politics
POL 3331/5304 Plato's Republic
POL 3335/5303 Modernity and Post-Modernity
POL 3336 Comparative Politics
POL 3339 International Politics
POL 3340 Globalization
POL 4352 Contemporary Political Philosophy
POL 4352 George Orwell
POL 4352/5302 African American Political Thought
POL 4353 Globalization
POL 6377 Plato's Gorgias
POL 6388/5300 The Political Philosophy of Rousseau

“Strauss’s Reviews of Wild and Collingwood” (8,000 word chapter in Brill’s Companion to Leo Strauss’s Studies of Classical Political Thought, ed. Timothy Burns; invited submission; peer-reviewed publisher; to be published October 2015).

“Happy City, Happy Citizens? The Private Good and the Common Good in Plato’s Republic,”Interpretation 42.2 (2015) (peer reviewed).

“Who’s Happy in Plato’s Republic?” Polis: The Journal of Ancient Greek Political Thought 31 (2014), pp. 288-312 (peer-reviewed).

“Justice, Happiness, and the Sensible Knave:  Hume’s Incomplete Defense of the Just Life,”Review of Politics 75 (Spring 2013), pp. 193-219 (peer-reviewed)

“Plato” and “Aristotle” (with Robert Wood), entries for Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology: An Encyclopedia (Sage, 2013) (invited).