Timothy Samuel Shah Ph.D.

Timothy Samuel Shah, Ph.D.

Distinguished Research Scholar, Politics

Timothy Samuel Shah is a political scientist specializing in religious freedom, religion and global politics, and the history of political thought. With his wife, Rebecca Shah, he is based in Bangalore, India. With funding from the Templeton Religion Trust, he spearheaded an analysis of the religious freedom landscape as well as viable religious freedom strategies in South and Southeast Asia (2017-2020). Shah also serves as a senior fellow at the Archbridge Institute as well as the principal investigator for the Freedom of Religious Institutions in Society (FORIS) project at the Religious Freedom Institute.

Ph.D., Harvard University (2002)

A.B., Harvard University (1992)

Even if There is No God: Hugo Grotius and the Secular Foundations of Modern Political Liberalism (OUP, forthcoming)

Under Caesar’s Sword: Christian Responses to Persecution
 (Cambridge, 2018)(co-editor)

Homo Religiosus?: Exploring the Roots of Religion and Religious Freedom in Human Experience (Cambridge, 2018)(co-editor)

Religious Freedom: Why Now? Defending an Embattled Human Right (Witherspoon Institute, 2012)