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Legislative Internship Program

The State Legislative Internship Program

The Department of Politics at the University of Dallas offers the State Legislative Internship Program for junior and senior politics majors during sessions of the Texas Legislature (from the second week of January through the end of May during every odd-numbered year).


Students work full time in a state representative’s or senator’s office while remaining full-time students of the University of Dallas. The work is fast-paced and meaningful, and interns gain knowledge of the legislature and how a legislative office functions while receiving internship credit and completing coursework in politics. The program assists students with placements in legislative offices and subsidies for housing. Students take the following course schedule:

  • POL 3V57 State Legislative Internship (6 credits)
  • GST 3V57 State Legislative Internship (3 elective credits)
  • POL One upper-level course, e.g. ST/Campaigns & Elections (3 credits) 

Due to the intensive nature of the program, students cannot hold another job or take additional classes. 

Application Process

Politics majors with at least 24 credits in residence at the University of Dallas, a 3.0 GPA and sufficient progress in the politics degree program are welcome to apply.  

Prerequisites include Principles of American Politics, American Political Thought and one other American politics elective. 

Before taking the comprehensive exam senior year, politics students should take Principles of American Politics, Regimes, Plato’s Republic, Aristotle’s Politics, Enlightenment, American Political Thought, an elective focused on American policies and/or institutions, and Senior Seminar.  

The application deadline is Friday of week 6 of the fall semester. Students will be notified of their acceptance into the program when academic advising begins in week 10. All students accepted into the program must attend the orientation session and interview preparation session.