Gerard Ibarra Ph.D

Gerard Ibarra

Adjunct Instructor of Business, Gupta College of Business

Gerard Ibarra, PhD, is an author, speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur. His book, “Good Decisions, Better Outcomes,” is a guide for individuals and business owners to make better decisions.

Dr. Ibarra collaborates with companies in organizational change management for effective and lasting results. He focuses on reducing risk and cost using a decision-making framework that consists of a five-step process that is repeatable, reliable, and consistent. His framework captures the nuances in making decisions through a quantitative and qualitative method that includes the ecosystem of the company. The framework makes it easier for an individual or group of stakeholders to reach a conclusive decision. In effect, his process lowers the likelihood of making an unwise decision while codifying and streamlining how companies’ decision-makers participate in the decision-making process.

In addition, Dr. Ibarra has over thirty years of management and leadership experience. He’s held multiple positions from Director to Executive Vice President and CEO. His skill sets are in critical thinking and the decision-making process, industrial and systems engineering, logistics, last-mile and on-demand deliveries, and operations management, as well as strategic planning and business development. He has completed and implemented numerous operational plans, performed various analyses, and conducted multiple feasibility, tradeoff, and marketing studies that led to improving processes, reducing costs, gaining market share, and increasing company awareness.

Furthermore, Dr. Ibarra was co-founder of three software companies, log management, logistics, and disaster recovery and notification, of which he and his co-founder sold one. He’s currently working on a software-as-a-service that focuses on critical information which is geared towards consumers and businesses.

Lastly, Dr. Ibarra received his PhD in Applied Science from Southern Methodist University (SMU) with emphasis in Logistics Systems Engineering and Operations Research. He has taught graduate courses in logistics systems engineering at SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering, and supply chain management and e-business, as well as business statistics, at the University of Dallas’ Graduate School of Management. Dr. Ibarra is also honored to be part of the speaker series for the Business Leadership Center Instructors at SMU’s Edwin L. Cox School of Business.