Martin Deatherage DBA, CPA

Martin Deatherage, MBA, CPA

Adjunct Professor of Accounting

Throughout my twenty five years of experience, I have served in a variety of accounting positions within hospitals, home health care agencies, physician practice offices, physician management staffing, and currently dialysis center management. My experience has provided me the opportunity to interact with all levels of management within the organizations. In this interaction, I have been able to provide guidance and education to operational teams in how operational decisions impact the financial performance of the overall organization. In my current role, I serve as a Joint Venture Board Member for several dialysis center relationships with physicians, hospitals, and a teaching university. In this role, I participate in the Joint Venture Board discussions related to financial, quality, compliance and legal issues for each Joint Venture relationship.

I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration from Baylor University in Accounting and Computer Information Systems, a Master of Business Administration in Health Services Management from the University of Dallas, a Graduate Certificate in Accounting from the University of Dallas, and hold a Texas License as a Certified Public Accountant.