After having spent 10 years in the telecom industry, 7 years in the healthcare arena, including various roles in human resources, sales, operations and healthcare administration, and 3+ years in the aviation/aerospace industries, Emmanuel Dalavai has returned to the hospital community. He has demonstrated a strong history of training, developing and coaching both leaders of today and aspiring leaders of the next generation. Along with being multi-lingual, Emmanuel brings a wealth of experience from a cultural standpoint, having lived and studied in many different countries. 

In addition, Emmanuel is a Linkage-certified Business Coach, and a Hogan Exec. Coach who is trained to specifically utilize numerous personal and professional assessments (including Hogan, Myers-Briggs, StrengthsFinder, DiSC, Winslow Dynamic Profile & Predictive Index) to measure the strengths and opportunities of a leader. He has led several management developments, career development and change management initiatives for large regional healthcare systems. Emmanuel has also conducted national sales training conferences and is a highly knowledgeable resource when it comes to the subtleties and nuances of the sales process.

Emmanuel recently completed his doctoral dissertation, and is eager to share various research topics with colleagues, particularly emphasizing subjects like positive organizational scholarship, leadership development, entrepreneurship, and change management. In his dissertation, within the realm of organization development and effectiveness, he specifically concentrated on the non-cognitive based skills, such as "socio-political" intelligence and emotional intelligence that could make a leader even more effective in the workplace.