Dr. Meskelis is currently a Director of Sales Support Organization at Essilor, a French based company and leading player in the optical industry that has its U.S. headquarters in Dallas and carries operations in over 100 countries. Dr. Meskelis joined Essilor in 2016, leading a team of Sales Analysts and recently joined the reporting team to help improve enterprise data quality and reporting capabilities. She graduated from the DBA program at University of Dallas in 2017 and continues to pursue her research interests in leadership, organizational behavior, employee engagement, and personality traits. Dr. Meskelis has co-authored a book on employee engagement, a book chapter and has had several papers accepted at the annual meetings of the Western Academy of Management and the Academy of International Business. Dr. Meskelis majored in Economics and holds an MBA from Fundacao Dom Cabral, a leading business school in Brazil. Prior to relocating to Dallas, Dr. Meskelis served as a business consultant in Brazil for 15 years and taught in executive education programs at Fundacao Dom Cabral.