My name is Jennifer Pulley, and I have taught courses in the field of Communication at the University level for about 18 years, and I love it.

When I’m not teaching, I’m spending time with my three girls Peighton (14), Mackenzie (12) and Camryn (8) and my husband, Steve, who is a Pastor at Milestone Church in Keller, TX.

I obtained my undergraduate degree from Hardin-Simmons University, where I majored in Communication. After school, I worked in Public Relations at the Arthritis Foundation and as Director of Marketing at a Chamber of Commerce located in the metroplex. I have also worked as Alumni Relations Assistant Director at a University and as an Executive Director at another Chamber of Commerce.  As a part of my career, I wrote press releases for Dallas news agencies, planned big fundraising parties, helped start new businesses, recruited and managed volunteers and participated in economic development and handled community relations.  My understanding of communication theory guided me through the demands of my assignments.

As my other friends talked about their degrees being meaningless, I used mine constantly! As much as I loved my career, I still wanted to go back to school and get my master’s degree.  So, as our family moved to Abilene, I decided to pursue furthering my education. I transitioned to teaching part time with a Student Fellowship which served as a scholarship while I pursued my master's degree at Abilene Christian University. I realized it combined several of my interests, and I enjoyed helping others learn to find their voice while having flexibility to be home to raise our three girls. So now I use my degree even more.  Seventeen years later, I am still teaching and occasionally working on projects in the field of Public Relations and Non-Profit Management.

I enjoy interacting with students and learning more about the field I love!  Communication is a current and growing and field, and every month new research emerges about our society’s interaction with communication using different mediums and technologies.  Teaching has also turned me into a wonderful trivial pursuit player! I know all kinds of facts about all kinds of things after listening to more than 1,000 speeches a year about various interests and majors, which is a good thing, because I love to learn.  I am glad to journey with you in learning about the way we symbolize the world around us, and how that in turn shapes our own reality.  It’s a fascinating ride.