Rich Miller DBA

Rich Miller, DBA

Associate Professor of Operations Management, Gupta College of Business

Phone: (972) 721-5377


Office: SB Hall #208

Dr. Miller spent 8 years as a Process Engineer and Engineering Manager at two Tier 1 automotive suppliers. The first company was a Japanese transplant that supplied transmission casings, water and oil pumps, and valve covers to Toyota, Honda, and Nissan. At the second company, Rich was the Engineering Manager where he was responsible for developing and maintaining the tooling suppliers, internal capital projects, productivity, quality improvements, and problem solving across the supply chain, new product development coordination for the plant, customer (Ford, GM, and Dana-Spicer) technical relations, and implementation of Lean.

BUS 1302 - Finite Math
BUS 3330 - Operations Management
OPER 6305 - Management of Operations
DBA 8360 - The Sustainable EnterpriseEntrepreneurship and the start-up and operations of complex ventures.
The social impacts of stakeholders on supply chain management.
The transition of successful industry experiences to pedagogy.

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Miller, R. J. Reward structure’s impact on buyer practices for sustainable supplier selection. (2016, November). Decision Sciences Institute Meeting, Austin, Texas. 

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Fritz Roethlisberger Award for 2016 – Given to the best article in the Journal of Management Education